The Plain White Ts performed the song we produced ‘Pet Sematary’ from the new Tim Burton movie ‘Frankenweenie’ on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!


The Plain White Ts shot a video for the song ‘Pet Sematary’ we produced for them  from the new Tim Burton movie ‘Frankenweenie’. The video looks amazing, and features footage from the movie.


Frankenweenie | Plain White Ts

AIK Produced The Plain White Ts version of the song ‘Pet Sematary’ for the new Tim Burton movie Frankenweenie. 

Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 2.01.54 AM

After a long day of tracking we were finishing up the bass on Shady Lane when this was taken…. Congrats to Mike for not getting distracted!

Laying down guitars on a track for Ryan Star. Getting to do some old school shredding.15 year old me would be proud…




Working w Stamps this week.

Breathe Carolina’s New Album ‘Hell Is What You Make It’ (produced by our good friend Ian Kirkpatrick) is out!

On our last trip to LA we got the chance to work with BC, and Ian on the track ‘Edge Of Heaven’. We had a great time, and the track came out amazing! Check it, and the whole album HERE!


Am Taxi

Fed Up (Campfire Version) by AM TAXI

You can get a FREE download of the AM TAXI song “FED UP (Campfire Version)” we Produced/Recorded last month on Sound Cloud Here!!!





Had a great time with Stamps tonight. Can’t wait to work with them on Tues!